Kadın Blazer 2013- 2014 Modelleri

Bayan Ceket Mavi Blezar

Bayan Ceket Mavi Blezar


Her bayanın dolabında olması gerekir bence bayan ceket blazer modelleri.Gerçekten ceketleri gördüğüm zaman birbirinden farklı, birbirinden değişik renklerde olan blazer bayan ceket modelleri insanı çok zarif ve şık göstereceğine eminim.

Bayanın kendinin farklı ve şık görünmesini istiyor ise dolabında blazer ceketlerden bulunması gerektiğini söylüyorum.Siz de galerimize girip sizler için hazırlamış olduğum birbirinden şık ,güzel ve farklı kesimiyle blazer bayan ceket modellerini görerek bana hak vereceğinize eminim.



Blazer 2013- 2014 Modelleri:


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  1. David dedi ki:

    Another great post! Thanks to Maja for requesting it.My own waodbrre staples are:- a flowy dress that hugs my waist in almost any colour EXCEPT black. In a pattern is okay, but I personally hate wearing large amounts of black. I can actually count on one hand how many articles of black clothes I own and half of them were for jobs.- a cardigan, either waist length or long. They are soft, warm and a very easy way to layer when you’re lazy or in a rush.- anything with a flower print. I own floral scarves, dresses, tops, skirts, shorts and ever hair pins; it’s like floral is my black. As my good male friend told me not too long ago: Your clothes SHOULD make you look like a grandmother, but for some reason they don’t. – high-waisted blue skinny jeans in a long size. I’m too tall for regular sizes so any pants that don’t have a longer inseam make me look like I’m either expecting a flood or am twelve years old again.- soft cotton t-shirts in any length, grey. I don’t know what it is about grey clothes that makes them softer than other colours, but that’s been my experience.- a scarf. Essential. Anyday I can get away with wearing a cardigan-and-scarf combo rather tham a coat is a good one.- brown leather waist belt. Perfect both over dresses or long shapeless sweaters.- red converse. Like a dress or skirt makes me twirl, these shoes make me skip. No I don’t know why.- my smile Sorry I got a little carried away there. Have a beautiful day!

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